About Us

A message from CEO

At the time of rapid change of global economy, service solutions for clients’ diversified logistics requirements are in need of strategic improvement of quality performance.
What can we do for the solution?
In the international forwarding and logistics industry, no matter how advanced technological innovation on IT may be introduced, we know that service management expertise with standardized service capabilities would not necessarily satisfy the clients.
What can we do to achieve lasting quality performance improvement to satisfy the clients? “Heart-felt Customer Service” is the answer. We are committed to the heart-felt customer service.
At NET international, we pride ourselves in being a professional group with a sizable operation and qualified staff with capabilities as a total logistics provider.
We do care every single shipment with personalized performance regardless of size or volume of the shipment. The personalized care of the clients’ shipment is nothing but our commitment to the heart-felt customer service.
Every individual employee of our team is inspired to be on the alert to conduct his or her performance for the best at all times motivated by “Awareness and Action”.
The moment our employees become aware of things beneficial to the customers, they lose no time to action in order to create the customers’ satisfaction and gratitude by providing them with personalized care.
“Enhancement of Awareness with Prompt Following Action” is our Management Philosophy for quality improvement. This is practical insights of the service plus strategic perspective. We are confident that our customers will be more than happy with our personalized services provided by our dedicated employees. We are happy to know that our quality service will be reciprocated with thanks and delight by our customers which will ensure a lasting patronage of our services.
We would be most delighted to discuss further regarding our collaboration with detailed information. We will help you improve the quality of your logistics operation with consistency.
Thank you.

Net International Corp

Jun Nakajima